Indian Toddy
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  Toddy - Indian Local Alcoholic Drink  


Toddy is one of the traditional, social and local drink extracted from either a coconut tree or a Palm tree flower. In the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, it is known as "Kallu".  Other regions have different local names. Drinking toddy has the same effect as drinking any alcoholic beverage.  Some states in India prohibit or regulate the production of toddy.



  Kallu - Producing Method:  

Before blossoming, when the flower is just budding, a coconut tree climber would reach the bud and tie it up with a clay pot. A small hole is made in front of the bud so that a white milk like juice starts to ooze out and gets collected in the pot. The mouth of the pot is covered with a cotton cloth to protect it from the outside environment. This is normally done in the evening time. The juice comes from the bud collected in a pot, and the collected juice starts fermentation immediately (over the night).  In a day or two, he bring the pot back from the tree and sell, drink or share it with others.  Too much fermentation gives soar taste. This is the same process for Palm tree kallu.


  Alcoholic Strength:  
  Strength of the alcohol is like wine. But is not too strong.  
  Best time to drink:  
  The best time to drink the toddy is before it gets soar taste or immediately collected from the tree.  
  Neera or Padhaneer  
  To produce Neera (North India) or Padaneer ( In Tamil Nadu) follows the same procedure, but with out fermentation. Without fermentation it will have any alcoholic effort.  Normally it is available in the morning time and it is believed to be good for the health.  
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